How to align procurement with business requirements

on April 4, 2023

Business requirements should inform every investment in new software and technological infrastructure. You don’t launch a new project, purchase a new piece of software, or develop a new process unless it’s in response to a core business need.

But understanding exactly what that need it can be a challenge in itself. It starts with learning how to align procurement with business requirements.

Taking the time to carefully identify, analyse, and document your core business requirements can lead to a smoother procurement process with an outcome that delivers measurable results.

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Open Italy 2022 – Trakti per Trenitalia

on March 15, 2023

Nei mesi scorsi abbiamo lavorato tanto per portare sul mercato un’innovazione che impatterà positivamente la vita di milioni di persone.  Il 25 Gennaio Trenitalia e Trakti hanno presentato durante l’evento conclusivo di Open Italy, il progetto di innovazione ‘Smart Refund’, all’ecosistema italiano e alla stampa. È stato un onore per tutti noi poter collaborare con la più grande azienda italiana di mobilità come Trenitalia e tutta Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Spa.

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L’adozione di standard sui contratti digitali facilita l’innovazione

on February 21, 2023

Le nuove tecnologie sono oggi in grado di rendere ‘intelligente’ l’ambiente nel quale lavoriamo e più interconnessi gli attori coinvolti. 

La trasformazione digitale dei servizi legali e giudiziari offre l’opportunità di migliorare questi servizi, rendendo più accessibile la loro fruizione.
Gli standard possono facilitare la strada verso la digitalizzazione per l’industria, promuovendo la compatibilità e l’interoperabilità tra prodotti e processi,  permettendo la condivisione delle informazioni tra gli attori coinvolti, garantendo al tempo stesso livelli minimi di qualità e sicurezza.

Usare gli standard per i tuoi contratti digitali è una delle strade verso l’innovazione.

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No-code platforms are drivers of innovation in contract automation

on February 20, 2023

Companies rely primarily on IT professionals to write the scripts needed to keep operations running smoothly.
What happens if there is a shortage of staff?
This issue can leave many organisations with interrupted or malfunctioning processes due to a lack of adequate staff and proprietary knowledge to solve the problem at the source.

The introduction of no-code automation platform resolves these problems, empowering teams of any skill level to manage IT operations seamlessly. 

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The importance of contract automation and its benefits for a business

on January 30, 2023

Contract Management is a crucial step for any business and represents the key link between strategy and execution plans. Contracts are the most cardinal documents for each type of company, beyond its size and its industrial sector.
Managing contracts in a proper way can make a difference by providing organisational support and driving major improvements to the business’ goals without upending the strategy.
Contracts automation platforms can transform Contract Lifecycle Management.

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Sponsoring Blockchain Expo Trakti | Blockchain Adoption in Enterprises

on December 15, 2022

An Interview to Romina Zorzini, Trakti Legal Architect 

Trakti was one of the sponsors of the Blockchain Expo Global held in London on Dec-1 and Dec-2. Our CEO, Luigi Telesca has made a speech on the Blockchain for Enterprise stage about How to Scale Blockchain Technology Adoption in Enterprises. During the event, our team, including our CTO Mahfuzul Islam, was glad to receive a huge interest from the business and legal industries at our booth.  
As promised, we asked our Legal Architect, Romina Zorzini few insights about the event, blockchain technology, and Trakti’s positioning in it.
Let’s see together what she told us. 

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How to setup Contract lifecycle management

on December 14, 2022

The adequate management of contracts is essential for the smooth running of any company. But contracts are too important to be processed and stored manually. This is why lots of companies are now going digital. In recent years, Contract lifecycle management software has transformed how businesses manage their contracts. Now, we’re looking towards the next step in contract digitalization. Today, we look into how to set up Contract lifecycle management (CLM) with the help of Smart contracts.

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