Contract Management

Managing uncertainty in contracts with a shared approach

on May 17, 2022

Most of our actions and decisions involve others, inside and outside any organisation. The best solutions come from working together and the pandemic caused many people to appreciate the extent of our interdependency. Establishing a win-win collaboration framework would increase communication and clarity within a network and with suppliers.

Developing a solution together, based on shared input and mutual respect, generates a collaborative environment that simplifies coordinating and reconciling multiple opinions. Different groups and functions typically reflect different interests, and rarely organisations speak with one voice.

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GiuliaManaging uncertainty in contracts with a shared approach

Monitoring contract execution and why it is important

on April 28, 2022

The contract execution process seems fairly straight-forward. As it is the last stage of the contract management process, many businesses fall into the pitfall of not actively monitoring contract execution. But there is plenty that could go wrong.

Staying on top of implementing the terms of a contract is usually far more important for its success. For all companies, it is crucial to learn how to monitor the execution of your contracts, and in this article, we want to explain to you why it is important.

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galinaMonitoring contract execution and why it is important

Designing for contract automation – simplification and relational contract

on April 13, 2022

The reasons for automating contractual processes or workflows are many but even more numerous are the reasons for implementing simplified and relational contracts. 

Simplification and relational contract allows new relational models and more effective and efficient performance require the adoption of innovative technologies. In an era where businesses increasingly have to depend on their suppliers to lower costs, improve quality, be compliant, respond quickly to changes, traditional contracts don’t work.

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GiuliaDesigning for contract automation – simplification and relational contract

La gestione contrattuale end-to-end incrementa le performance aziendali

on March 21, 2022

Le aziende possono trarre ingenti vantaggi da un uso più consapevole della tecnologia. La soluzioni di gestione contrattuale end-to-end permettono oggi di monitorare tutte le fasi del processo contrattuale e produttivo attraverso la loro automatizzazione. Un approccio integrato consente di semplificare molti processi aziendali e di migliorare la relazione con i clienti ed i fornitori.

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Sarah GiannelliLa gestione contrattuale end-to-end incrementa le performance aziendali

Increase customer success via smarter contracts

on March 14, 2022

New contract management solutions are popping up all the time. This push towards new technology makes it hard for businesses to tell a platform with real merit from a flashy gimmick. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of endless choices. But the long and short of it is this: Companies that understand the benefits of blockchain and other technology will likely be positioned to increase customer success via smart contracts.

Smart contracts and blockchain technology are relatively new developments in contract management. So far, we have seen the adoption of smart contracts help with MBO programs as well as make contract negotiation and renewal a snap. Making the process of signing a contract easier for clients is one way to keep everyone on track as well. Perhaps most importantly, the fast transfer of reliable data through a blockchain and the ability to automate payment and contract execution also drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to get paid. 

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galinaIncrease customer success via smarter contracts

Vantaggi e Conformità della Firma elettronica nei Contratti

on February 1, 2022

La firma elettronica nei contratti è uno strumento fondamentale per l’attivazione degli Smart contracts. I contratti intelligenti e digitali offrono una maggiore garanzia di sicurezza rispetto ai contratti tradizionali, rappresentano un sistema più agile per le aziende e offrono molteplici vantaggi tra cui l’abbattimento dei costi. L’uso della firma digitale sugli smart contracts garantisce in primo luogo la sicurezza di tutte le informazioni.  Grazie alla tecnologia blockchain applicata, le transazioni diventano più veloci e più protette. 

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traktiVantaggi e Conformità della Firma elettronica nei Contratti

How to restrain cost of compliance in 2022

on January 17, 2022

When two years ago Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence asked financial-services firms which was the greatest compliance challenge they expected to face in 2020, most of them answered “keeping up with regulatory change”. 

Compliance became a thing soon after the 2008 financial crisis, and regulations have been changed many times since then. Thus, companies have been struggling to allocate the budget appropriately to face the increasing cost of compliance.

What is the next step?

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traktiHow to restrain cost of compliance in 2022