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How Blockchain Technologies in Logistics Can Shape the Future

on November 21, 2022

The term “Logistic Operations” is mostly used for the process of moving finished goods, starting from the manufacturer, and moving to the end user. But, even after the delivery of the goods, for returns and guarantees, it is part of the customer journey and satisfaction.
In traditional businesses, companies run their Logistic Operations internally and/or based on human trust or hard copy contracts/documents.
However, Globalization and the hype in e-commerce activities forced companies to partner with Contract Logistics for their expertise, or to innovate their Logistic Operations workflow.
Today, the latest trend is using blockchain technology in Logistics.
But how can blockchain technology in Logistics shape the future?
We will see in a short while!

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Sarah GiannelliHow Blockchain Technologies in Logistics Can Shape the Future

Automating business operations: why is so crucial

on November 17, 2022

We are rapidly approaching a new historical period where activities traditionally performed manually, are more and more done automatically by machines. 

The adoption of automated applications and systems aims to streamline operations by removing the need for manual and repetitive tasks to more efficiently manage key operations processes. 

According to SalesForce: “47% of Businesses see the largest ROI from Automation in their operation department”.

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Sarah GiannelliAutomating business operations: why is so crucial

Gestire MBO e incentivazione del personale attraverso gli Smart Contract

on November 15, 2022

E’ noto che l’MBO (Gestione per Obiettivi) è un sistema che punta a migliorare le performance individuali e del team, allineando tutte le risorse sulle strategie aziendali definite.
MBO è una tecnica molto utile per la gestione delle Risorse Umane e coinvolge anche la valutazione delle competenze del personale.

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Sarah GiannelliGestire MBO e incentivazione del personale attraverso gli Smart Contract

5 tecnologie e strumenti per automazione delle Risorse Umane

on November 12, 2022

La Business Automation si sta rivelando un trend trainante dell’ultimo decennio anche in Italia, alimentata dallo sviluppo di strumenti, tecnologie e piattaforme sempre più evolute. Il mercato dell’automazione dei processi aziendali (BPA) sta crescendo del 10% all’anno nel nostro paese.
Anche il settore delle Risorse Umane inizia a ricorrere all’automazione di alcuni processi.
In questo articolo analizzeremo alcuni strumenti e tecnologie per l’automazione delle Risorse Umane.

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Sarah Giannelli5 tecnologie e strumenti per automazione delle Risorse Umane

What is DEFI and why it is important for companies to apply it in contracts

on November 2, 2022

The acronym “DeFi” stands for decentralized finance. Think of it as an umbrella term for a whole huge financial infrastructure that focuses on and empowers decentralization. DeFi is closely related to cryptocurrencies or rather – the blockchain technology that underpins them. As such, it is important to understand what is DEFI and why it is important for companies to apply it in contracts.  

Definition of DeFi  

Being decentralized means that contracts can function without a middleman. When it comes to financial transactions and supply chains, that middleman can be anything or anyone – a bank, an individual acting as an escrow, a developer who has written code for the application that you’re using, and so on. 

Following that train of thought, the main benefit of DeFi is the fact that it allows for trustless financial processes to take place within its ecosystem. For companies that deal with multiple vendors or suppliers, this could mean thousands of dollars in savings. When you think about what is DEFI and why it is important for companies to apply it in contracts, think of it in the context of optimization of existing processes and operations. 

Smart contract and token usage 

We have talked about smart contracts in the past. A smart contract is an agreement that has been coded into the blockchain. The main advantage of smart contracts is that they are practically impossible to breach – once a contract is submitted to the blockchain, there’s no turning back, and no way to reverse it or change its settings. 

Smart contracts are the gateway into DeFi applications as they are completely trustless, and do not have any third-party interference. 

More and more organizations are harnessing the power of the open-source financial ecosystem to solve problems and create new opportunities. 

Benefits of DeFi 

One of the biggest trends in the DeFi sector is the emergence of cross-chain technology, which allows users to carry out transactions across multiple blockchains. This is a bandwidth solution that can be used to distribute the burden of demand. Other trends that are gaining momentum include the automated market-making capabilities of Uniswap, the ability to manage assets on YFI, and the faster transactions on Aave. 

The rapid emergence and evolution of the DeFi movement have taken it beyond its traditional role as a speculative trading platform. It is now taking on a more utility-based approach, with the goal of making it easier for users to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency. The success of the movement will depend on the various factors that affect its utility, such as transaction fees, speed, and systems. 

As the world experiences new challenges, players in the financial industry continue to develop new ideas. With the support of strong momentum, DeFi is well-positioned to transform the traditional paradigm by helping companies manage their assets, including — buying, selling, and transferring digital assets. 

Transparency and decentralization are paving the way to discover and analyse an unprecedented amount of data. With faster access to data, businesses can make well-informed business decisions, discover new financial opportunities, and adopt better risk management tactics. 

Get your company DeFi-ready with Trakti’s automation tools.  

To better understand the definitions related to the use of Smart legal contracts and the Trakti platform, download now your copy of the Trakti Smart Legal Contract Glossary:

To find out more about Trakti, go to:

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Sarah GiannelliWhat is DEFI and why it is important for companies to apply it in contracts

Trakti meets Adrian Furner: “Risk, an opportunity for innovation”

on October 14, 2022

Today Trakti meets Adrian Furner, Founder & Managing Director at Kommercialize, to talk about risk as an opportunity for innovation.

We have previously met Adrian Furner, on the 4th of October, during his valuable contribution as a guest to our recent webinar “Contract Automation, Benefits and Contexts.”  

Watch the integral version here: What is Contract Automation, Benefits and Contexts.

Adrian Furner has over 30 years of experience in the design, implementation, and delivery of complex commercial transactions through novel business models.   

A super master contracting expert, and member of the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), Adrian is a former board member and an honorary fellow of ‘World Commerce & Contracting’ where he is also an Executive in Residence.  He is also co-founder of Open Fabric for Trusted Global Trade.   

Today his practice is to advise professional firms on how to boost up their commercial competencies as well as Contributor, Speaker and Author of several books on commercial agility, collaboration and commercial innovation.  

Adrian is a leading light for innovating contracting in companies of all sizes!

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Sarah GiannelliTrakti meets Adrian Furner: “Risk, an opportunity for innovation”

Come scrivere una proposta commerciale per un accordo di successo

on October 4, 2022

Prima o poi ti troverai a dover scrivere una proposta commerciale. Qualcuno potrebbe chiedertelo oppure potresti trovarti a dover crearne una che sia persuasiva e che porti a finalizzare una vendita.
Non sai da dove iniziare? Ti domandi come dovrai scrivere una proposta commerciale? Come inviare l’offerta e gestire l’intero processo? Quali sono le regole?
Considerando che uno degli obiettivi di una proposta commerciale è quella di persuadere un potenziale cliente a fare affari con te, è di fondamentale importanza che tu sia in grado di poter rispondere a tutte queste domande.

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Sarah GiannelliCome scrivere una proposta commerciale per un accordo di successo