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Digitise your contracts in the era of innovation

Simplify operations, enhance security, and expedite approvals with our cloud-based platform.

Automate contracts for effortless business success

Seamlessly connect systems, scale with ease, and satisfy customers with unprecedented innovation.

Efficient and scalable contract execution with Blockchain

Simplify back-office tasks, optimise resources, and ensure reliable information and traceability.

Simplify processes and improve collaboration

Automate and streamline internal and external processes effortlessly: approvals, collaboration, payments, supplier and customer evaluations, all in one centralised platform.

Automate approvals and increase efficiency

Simplify approvals, minimise manual intervention: with Trakti, approvals that depend on variables like “delivery status” can become automated processes, reducing the need for human intervention.

Secure and build trust in contracts with Blockchain

Authenticity, integrity, and transparency. Harness the power of tamper-proof digital contracts. Declare ownership, trace product history, and establish a strong foundation of trust for your business.

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A Revolutionary Partnership for Contract Automation and Qualified Signing

We are excited to join forces with Trakti to bring a revolutionary solution to market. This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

“Smart Refund”, the new instant refund system

Thanks to the collaboration with startup Trakti, Trenitalia has created ‘Smart Refund’, the new instant refund system that won the award for the best project at the Inatba Awards. Trakti has developed an innovative platform that automates the monitoring and certification of travel data, ensuring maximum transparency of processes and great attention to people who choose practicality, comfort, and the experience of a journey on our trains.

It’s a useful digital tool for business support functions

Trakti is an essential tool for the digitalisation of organisations and for improving contract management. We adopt and recommend it to promote Digital Transformation in companies, especially in procurement and supplier relationships (supply chain).

Easy to use!

We have been using Trakti for over three years, and it’s truly revolutionary in our contract process. From digital signatures to integrated KYC services, it provides everything we need. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and has streamlined our contract process in a way that no other platform can. We highly recommend Trakti to all businesses.

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Trakti e InfoCert – Tinexta Group: la Partnership tutta italiana per la gestione, firma e automazione dei contratti

Immagina un mondo in cui la gestione digitale dei contratti diventa un processo fluido, sicuro ed efficiente per aziende di tutte le dimensioni. Questo sogno sta diventando realtà grazie alla partnership tra Trakti e il leader europeo dei servizi di digital trust InfoCert – Tinexta Group.Scegliere tra automazione dei contratti e l’utilizzo della firma qualificata

Automating business operations: why is so crucial

We are rapidly approaching a new historical period where activities traditionally performed manually, are more and more done automatically by machines.  The adoption of automated applications and systems aims to streamline operations by removing the need for manual and repetitive tasks to more efficiently manage key operations processes.  According to SalesForce: “47% of Businesses see

How to set up and streamline an effective offer evaluation

Do you know how well your sales representatives are reviewing every contract prior to signing it? Does their performance meet your expectations for a quality customer experience? Are they following all the correct processes, remaining compliant, and getting the outcomes you want? The only way to answer all these questions is by learning how to

Simplify, automate, optimise contract management!

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