E2E contract automation framework


Automate your old contract templates
with a unified smart contract, no code platform integrated in Blockchain!


Import your templates, use Trakti templates or create a new one and customize it with our editorAdd variables, definitions, references, calculations, apply rules and automate your contract.


Set up the negotiation, communicate and collaborate with your team, ask for approval and external reviews, check your counterparts ID (KYC), compare offers and track all changes.  


Define a preferred method for your payments so your Smart contract can automatthem. 


Sign your contracts and automate the signature process. Thanks to blockchain, certify and notarize all your contracts so they remain safe and immutable. 



Connect our platform to all third party services you love. 


Company Sub-domain

Create your own subdomain (yourname.trakti.com) to advertise your deals and easily connect with your business ecosystem. Trakti generates a customised company page with your brand, your personalised corporate description, all your public deals, contact information and additional information (video, pictures, brochures) you want to share with your pears.


Give your contract managers and operational leaders an online collaboration tool, directly connected with the processing of your deals, that make it easy for all to discuss about share needs, requirements, negotiation strategy and facilitate the activation of a new deal request directly from the work groups. Trakti makes it easy for all members of a specific group to monitor the evolution of a deal from day one. All information and documents shared in the workgroup are securely stored , organised in specific posts and connected to the related deals making all the information consistent and easily discoverable.

Document import

Import your word document templates and author them in Trakti. The platform will parse your templates and according to their structure, it will be able to identify and generate sections and clauses in our model editor framework.

Contract editor and mark-up framework

Create, edit and mark-up you contract templates in Trakti. Add variables, definitions, references and calculations in your model to apply rules, facilitate filling and automate your contracts.

Contract variables editor

Customise the structure of your contract or term sheet by adding, modifying and connecting variables. You can easily create new variables, define the type, change the order and correlate numeric variables via formulas.

Template publishing authorisation

Make sure a new template is authorised by the right people in the organization before it’s published and made available to the entire organisation. Trakti supports two approval methods (at least one or all) and it will easily connect all authorisers giving them all information to approve or reject the publication of a new template.


Keep Track of orders, payments, or tasks. Each track helps you to monitor any updates of them with status and progression. For each Trak you have the possibility to create one or more sub-trak to be more specific about sub-actions to track or to monitor the status of subcomponents of an order.


It is possible to create and manage a single asset or import one. An asset is a tangible or intangible entity depending on whether it can be converted to a monetary value. You can access the Asset feature from the left side menu bar. You have the option of creating a single asset or importing your assets. For complex assets, you can create secondary assets to represent the different components of the assets.

Chained Negotiations

Create chained negotiations that could use sequencially different protocol models. As an example you can start with a Request for Information (RFI), then move in an Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ) and when you have selected the best offer you can move automatically to the contract negotiation phase.

Deal setting & customisation

Customise the proposal to your needs, defining the publication date, the bid end time, the offers opening time, the payment gateway, the signatories and the reviewers. Trakti also offer the possibility to create Restricted (access with approval), Unrestricted (open to all people with a link) or Invitation only deals.


Deal Publishing Authorization

Asking for permission and authorisation to publish a new deal has never been so easy. With Trakti we make sure the line manager and legal representative are asked to approve the deal before it gets advertised and counterparts are notified. The approval is recorded in the deal history for due diligence and compliance purposes.

Deal publication and invitation

Create and share a new deal in minutes thanks to Trakti innovative contract negotiation and management platform for procurement and sales. Parties can securely exchange deal’s specifications, files and communicate with each other through simple direct messages, maintaining full control on all aspects of the deal.

Deal collaboration

Cooperate with your team and collaborate on the same document during contract modelling or during negotiation.
If you are a contract model manager, you can now invite collaborators and assign them roles: manager, editor, commentor and viewer. You can also decide to remove one of them at any time.


Use negotiation bundles or customised bundles to support your deal choosing from a range of free protocol models, including RFI/RFPs, RFQs, Tenders, Auctions, Quotations, Bargaining and Collaborative processes.

Verify Identity

Trakti provides KYC and AML integration with third party software to facilitate onboarding and simplify suppliers and clients ID checks.

Offer comparison

Avoid wasting time creating spreadsheets to compare different offers side by side. Trakti automatically generates a comparison grid that simplifies the evaluation of offers and will help you selecting the right counterpart/s for your deal.

Offer Review

Collecting feedback from colleagues can be complicated and receiving all the information in some places is quite hard. With Trakti it’s simple to ask colleagues, reviewers and legal their feedback, offering review and using that information to rank offers and request changes to the offer. Increase cooperation and facilitate communication with all your pears in the organization allowing them to access, evaluate and rate offers as they come in. With our offer review module we give you the possibility to collect feedback and votes from your colleagues. The rating system lets you receive feedback and attachments from your colleagues and create a framework that let you easily select the best offer among the ones received.

Track changes

View document changes in real-time by having previous offer’s versions automatically compared against previous offers. All offers are registered and tracked, ensuring access to all authorised team members, improving auditability and compliance.

Deadline reminder

Get reminded about upcoming deals’ deadlines in your dashboard, notification in-box, and via email.

Agreement Receipt and Contract generation

Automate the generation of the Agreement as soon as there is consensus among the parties on the deal. Trakti offers support in creating different types of deal structures, from Receipts and Term sheet, to full Contracts that are generated as .Pdf documents and are including all the content you agreed with the counterpart/s during the negotiation.


Embed signatures in your contract templates and automate the signature process with Trakti eSignature module. You can have multiple signatories, sign inside the platform (with our signature pad) or offline downloading your contract in .Pdf format. Trakti offers eSignature support in compliance with the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (910/2014/EC), or eIDAS.

Double Authentication

Process you contracts’ signature online with the confidence that they will be secure when using Trakti double authentication procedure. Trakti sends authentication codes by email, to validate a signer’s identity before they sign and upload a contract in the platform.

Notarization: Contract time stamping using Blockchain

Trakti is increasing the level of security and auditability of your deals by making sure your activities and contracts are always certified and can be trusted. We not only provide Trakti timestamp but we are using the blockchain to make all your contracts digital time stamped in Ethereum.



By defining a prefered payment systems to your profile and connect those to your deals you can automatically process payments at the beginning or at the end of a deal, before or after the contract has been signed. We currently support Paypal or Crypto via Metamask.

Audit trail

Increase your internal compliance and traceability of all processes connected to contract negotiation and management. Thanks to Trakti end to end flow you’ll be able not only to monitor and track changes in your offers and counter offers, but also to monitor the sequence of approvals, reviews and authorizations received. All those activities will be sequenced with all the interaction you have with counterparts, in a secure and fully auditable audit trail.


Trakti offers open APIs to easily integrate our platform with third party services facilitating the sharing of all information and documentation our contract negotiation and contract management framework create with your preferred systems. Trakti provides KYC and AML integration with third party softwares to facilitate onboarding and simplify suppliers and clients checks.

Smart Contracts

Do you want to automate your contract and make sure your agreement is self executed and controlled? Our smart contract module gives you the power of the blockchain to run all rules and transactions automatically executed like in a vending machine. The smart contract will handle money & blockchain-titled assets (distributed applications or fiduciary processes) using conditional logic (dapps in Ethereum).