The Futurism
of Contracts


Automate your old contract templates
with a unified smart contract
no code platform integrated in Blockchain!

Unified end to end Platform

Take control of 30+ features in one unified platform for managing your contracts from start to end, payments and signature included.

Key Benefits

Easy to use

User-friendly no-code platform fully customizable based on your needs: import your word document templates and transform them into automated smart legal contracts, add variables, parameters and rules.

Efficient and effective

Gain time and reduce administrative and legal costs by increasing the efficiency of your contract life cycle management, all in one automated platform!

Full automation

Automate your contract management thanks to our smart contract module integrated in Blockchain to automatically execute all rules and payments!


Invest in the future of CLM! Smart contracts with the power of Blockchain allow you to automate rules and payments, track all changes, offers, approvals and reviews, improve compliance, checks and control.


Streamline and simplify negotiations and communications with counterparts. Facilitate communication and information sharing among team members. Use a rating and evaluation system fully integrated with your contractual procedures.

Streamline onboarding

Trakti provides KYC and AML integration with third party software to simplify suppliers checking, tracking and auditing during the onboarding process.

Deals made easy
with Trakti