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Trust Trakti, the leading provider of innovative solutions, to empower your supply chain business and pushes you ahead of the competition.

Digital Innovation

Trakti eliminates paper waste, ensures no lost information, and facilitates seamless collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders.

Powerful Automation

Automate controls, onboarding, and back-office activities with ease. Allocate tasks for supply chain monitoring based on pre-set rules.

Smart Legal Contract

Based on blockchain, smart contract enable secure and legally binding agreements, transparent execution and real-time data monitoring.

Streamline Supplier Selection

Discover, compare and choose the best suppliers on a unified platform with objective quality checks from reliable third-party integrations.

Effortless Negotiations

Save time, reduce paper waste and ensure compliance with Trakti’s simplified negotiation process and legally binding electronic signature capabilities.

Real-Time Supplier Performance Monitoring

Certifying the origin of products and tracking performance with Trakti’s backward tracking for greater transparency and brand trust.

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A Revolutionary Partnership for Contract Automation and Qualified Signing

We are excited to join forces with Trakti to bring a revolutionary solution to market. This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

“Smart Refund”, the new instant refund system

Thanks to the collaboration with startup Trakti, Trenitalia has created ‘Smart Refund’, the new instant refund system that won the award for the best project at the Inatba Awards. Trakti has developed an innovative platform that automates the monitoring and certification of travel data, ensuring maximum transparency of processes and great attention to people who choose practicality, comfort, and the experience of a journey on our trains.

It’s a useful digital tool for business support functions

Trakti is an essential tool for the digitalisation of organisations and for improving contract management. We adopt and recommend it to promote Digital Transformation in companies, especially in procurement and supplier relationships (supply chain).

Easy to use!

We have been using Trakti for over three years, and it’s truly revolutionary in our contract process. From digital signatures to integrated KYC services, it provides everything we need. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and has streamlined our contract process in a way that no other platform can. We highly recommend Trakti to all businesses.

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Maintaining business continuity requires managing threats and the risk of business disruption. Disruptive events can stem from financial, operational, cyber, ESG, natural disasters, and supply chain disruptions. Predicting disruptive events can be challenging, especially when referring to unknown risks that can arise suddenly. Organisations can reduce risk exposure and even eliminate the impact of a

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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is currently a contentious issue for both employers and employees. ESG reporting is both a moral requirement and a wise commercial decision. Particularly Gen Z and Millennial workers are aware of ESG issues and how they impact both existing and future workplaces. It is crucial to comprehend the highest degree

Supply chain and social responsibility

Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our age. Companies are overhauling the way they source, create and distribute products to achieve and promote supply chain and social responsibility. Sustainability affects everything a company does, including how it works with its suppliers. But too many supply chain managers employ a “take-make-waste” mentality. As a

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