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How to accelerate onboarding and reduce counter-party risk?

on February 8, 2021

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Supplier onboarding is the process of collecting vendor information and data to assess security risks, enabling your company to efficiently conduct business, purchase goods and services, and make payments to that company. Moreover, this process requires a deep analysis to ensure your supplier compliance. Lots of companies still manage the supplier onboarding process manually, however expensive, time consuming and inaccurate it is. What if you can accelerate onboarding and reduce counter-party risk thanks to a single smart solution?

Three integrations to accelerate onboarding and reduce counter-party risk

Trakti provides KYC and AML integration with third party software to simplify suppliers checking, tracking and auditing during the onboarding process. W2 Global Data, Spaziodati and Qii improve security by aggregating trusted information and protecting your suppliers’ digital data, and effectively combat financial crime with compliance solutions. Let’s discover them!

W2 provides accurate KYC and AML

Know Your Customer (KYM) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) are fundamental steps to vet and validate your prospective supplier is compliant with laws, regulations and your corporate standards. W2 Global Data provides both services, helping to protect your company from potential risk whilst ensuring compliance with current and future regulations.

Plus, the integration of W2 in Trakti offers you:

  • Instantaneous age and identity verification,
  • Fraudulent behaviour analysis,
  • Black and white lists,
  • Affordability assessment,
  • Facial comparison and ongoing monitoring.

Qii to collect and share data safely and easily

After being assessed, your supplier’s data will be immediately available on your Trakti account. Qii is in fact an API integrated in the KYC process, that allows you to have access to all the required information in a safe way, providing a seamless customer experience.

Next? Spaziodati: a Cerved company that enhances your data

Spaziodati combines B2B Lead Generation and Sales Intelligence Atoka and the only named entity extraction linking API Dandelion to build a high-quality knowledge-graph based on Big Data and Semantic Web technologies. Spaziodati is powered by Cerved, the leading Business Information provider on the Italian market with products ranging from credit information to marketing solutions and credit management.

Thanks to Spaziodati integration, that is currently under analysis and development, Trakti can quickly screen the market and automatically generate a comparison grid that simplify the evaluation of offers, helping you selecting the right counterpart/s for your deal.

Choose Trakti and you will increase security and compliance during the onboarding process, improving your customer acquisition rates, all in one smart solution!

Discover what Trakti can do for you.

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