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The evolution of property in contracting: how contract and property are changing in the decentralised digital world

on April 14, 2021

Smart Legal Contracts are capable, in principle, of forming binding contracts which will be upheld under English law. This may mark the beginning of a new era! The evolution of property in contracting is becoming real! The adoption of Smart Legal Contracts and the scope of legal principles in contract under English law is evolving: a summary of the Law Commission report on Smart Contracts.

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Analising Current Regulatory Framework For Smart Contracts

on April 12, 2021

Globalization – and now the COVID-19 pandemic – created new barriers to doing business but also presented new opportunities for the increased adoption of blockchain technology. And more specifically – smart contracts.

Examining the current Regulatory Framework For Smart Contracts and opening a debate for potential improvement in the existing regulatory framework for smart contracts is the objective of this article.

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Smart Contracts and Tokens for supply chain automation

on March 24, 2021

Smart contracts and tokens for supply chain automation are of paramount importance.

Tokens are digital entities that may be used as a digital representation of physical assets (ingredients, subproducts, etc.) and information. Furthermore, with tokenization, suppliers reap the ultimate benefits of blockchain assets. Tokenization forbids duplication, making it non-fraudulent and ensuring accurate tracking and proof of ownership in a transaction. And not just these.

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