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How to integrate PayPal into an onboarding process

How Integrate PayPal into an onboarding process

on October 15, 2022

The digital onboarding process is becoming more and more popular with competitive advantages for different sectors of a business. 
It is an effective tool also for Sales, for the acquisition of new customers and for the retention of existing customers, capable of improving and simplifying the Customer experience as well. 

Through the adoption of a platform for contract automation, the onboarding process becomes compliant, agile and intuitive for Sales.
It can simplify and speed up the entire negotiation, including payment, integrating PayPal into the process. 

The automation of contracts, with smart contracts integrated in blockchain, helps companies to manage large amounts of data, and to enhance the values of transparency and customer trust in a brand. A digital onboarding procedure speeds up identity checks and information tracking, also including a supplier evaluation system. 

Adopting Trakti’s smart contracts, integrated in the blockchain, allows you to automate the payment, integrating PayPal into the onboarding process. 

Payment gateways are the interface that connects a company’s online sales / purchase operations with a payment processor.
In summary, the payment gateway authorizes the payment, verifies that the data entered is sufficient and correct to finalize it and encrypts sensitive data, to ensure the secure transmission of data, with important benefits for companies: 

  • Acquisition of New Clients 
  • Increase in Loyalty 
  • Process Efficiency 
  • Cost Optimization 
  • Competitive Positioning 
  • Better Customer Experience 
  • Increase in Brand Loyalty 

Integrating PayPal into an onboarding process with Trakti, allows Sales to push customer loyalty, while increasing brand loyalty.

Trakti platform automates the negotiation, contractual and management phases of companies in a flexible and reliable way. Our platform allows you to define a preferred payment method and automate it. 

Thanks to our smart contracts, you will be able to integrate payment systems to your company profile, connect them to your negotiations and also automate payments, before or after signing the contract, according to your personal needs. 
Our smart contract module allows you to monitor the execution of the contract, enforce all the rules, transfer ownership of assets and process payments automatically. It will be the Smart contract, using conditional logic (dapps in Ethereum) to manage the money and assets registered in the blockchain. 

A smart contract is a decentralised application that executes business logic in response to certain events. Its execution allows the exchange of money, the provision of services, the release of content protected by digital rights. 

Trakti’s smart contracts can be stored as part of a blockchain and integrated into various payment mechanisms and digital exchanges. 

Integrating PayPal into an onboarding process with Trakti, allows you to optimize payment management and to accept or make payments on a global scale.

With Trakti you grow your business, and its competitive advantage over the competitors. 
Through Trakti’s onboarding contract, based on API and supported and optimised by PayPal, you can solve problems related to customer identity checks and anti-money laundering, through KYC and AML integrations and to the tokenization of payments on the platform. 

Integrating PayPal into an onboarding process allows you to make global cumulative payments, even in subscription mode, securely and flexibly.

In Fintech, payments, authorizations and regulations often need downstream data reconciliation.
This limits and slows down the onboarding process. The blockchain, on the other hand, can instantly share data during a transaction, eliminating the need for reconciliation, confirmation and analysis.

Trakti’s smart contracts can encode more complex events: from the calculation of the value of a derivative financial instrument to the automatic release of the insurance payment in the event of the death of a person or a natural disaster.

Blockchain-based smart contracts have innovative potential in business processes in the financial field, such as time optimisation and cost reduction, thanks to the ability to decentralise and automate specific operational phases.
Thanks to the security and immutability of the blockchain, the data of the smart contracts are encrypted on a shared ledger, and the information stored in the blocks.

Cross-border payments, made abroad or with the help of foreign financial intermediaries, are also simplified in the procedures through the blockchain, with a reduction in management costs on foreign trade relations. 
According to a PWC survey, “42% of respondents felt strongly that there would be an acceleration of cross-border, cross-currency instant and B2B payments in the next five years”.

Trakti’s blockchain-based smart contracts are helping to make transactions and other business processes safer, more efficient and cheaper.
Our platform offers enormous potential to disintermediate the legal and financial fields, simplify and automate the routine processes of every business. 

At Trakti, we design end-to-end digital solutions that are agile, intuitive and above all functional, also on onboarding processes.

We allow our customers to make or receive payments securely, monitor payment dynamics, control financial flows, to reduce the risk of overbilling and to prevent fraud. 

Everything is just a click away on Trakti, a single no-code platform that does not require any knowledge of programming and coding. 

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