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How to Achieve (end-to-end) contract automation efficiency

on December 29, 2020

Contract automation efficiency is no longer a matter of choice. It is a necessity in this digital day and age when users expect a seamless on-boarding experience, which traditional contracting cannot offer. Have you ever had delayed orders, lost customers or missed payments because of contracts that have disappeared or that were not filed properly?

Achieving end-to-end contract automation efficiency can be done in a number of ways. In doing so, your on-boarding journey will become more seamless and integrated as you make use of tools such as KYC check, anti-malware control, identity check, credit check and more from a single point of access.

Simplifying your workflow with contract automation is a great way to free up the time of your team and reduce average turnaround time by 80%.

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Happier customers, simplified contract onboarding

on December 23, 2020

Many companies drastically underestimate the importance of contract onboarding, In fact, 22% of companies have no formal onboarding program at all, while 49% only have a partially successful process. But do you know just how detrimental unsuccessful onboarding can be? Employees become less productive, stressed, and feel disconnected from the rest of the team, while customers end up flocking to your competitors.

One way that simplified contract onboarding helps you is by increasing customer engagement. The process benefits new customers, existing ones, and company leaders alike.

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5 best practices for streamlined contract management

on October 20, 2020

We can probably agree that getting a contract written up and signed should be the easy part of a sale. A formality before the final handshake.
But is it? How familiar are you with a streamlined contract management?

The World Commerce & Contracting estimates that poor contract management costs companies an average of 40.5 hours and 9% of their annual revenue. I bet you can come up with a better use for that time and money!

Mismanaged contract workflows result in administrative bottlenecks in your sales pipeline. The extra time spent by sales, legal and operation teams writing and approving contracts adds up to your client acquisition costs. Even worse, it can kill the momentum of a sale.

Moreover, errors increase risks on liability or compliance. Missed savings opportunities and unwanted contract renewals also impact your bottom line.

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