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Obligation management and controls with Smart Legal Contracts

on June 30, 2021

Contract obligation management and controls with smart legal contracts offer a more secure and streamlined way to achieve an effective and automated contract management system.

Contract management has long been the norm for many industries looking to streamline their supplier and vendor relations. However, the process of managing contract creation, execution, and analysis has historically been plagued by inefficiencies and error due to the manual work involved. That is why we’re seeing a new standard in the form of contract obligation management and control with smart legal contracts.

Reading time: 3 minutes. Photo by Omar Flores on Unsplash.

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How to align and automatically update CRM data with contract data

on May 18, 2021

When you think about how to align and automatically update CRM data with contract data, it’s important to consider the benefits of streamlining the entire contract process. Superior contract management solutions take advantage of customer relationship management (CRM) technology to deliver a client-focused service for your business.

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Smart Contracts and Tokens for supply chain automation

on March 24, 2021

Smart contracts and tokens for supply chain automation are of paramount importance.

Tokens are digital entities that may be used as a digital representation of physical assets (ingredients, subproducts, etc.) and information. Furthermore, with tokenization, suppliers reap the ultimate benefits of blockchain assets. Tokenization forbids duplication, making it non-fraudulent and ensuring accurate tracking and proof of ownership in a transaction. And not just these.

Reading time: 4 minutes,Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

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