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How to accelerate onboarding and reduce counter-party risk?

on February 8, 2021

Lots of companies still manage the supplier onboarding process manually, however expensive, time consuming and inaccurate it is. How to accelerate onboarding and reduce counter-party risk? What if you can easily handle it thanks to a single smart automated solution?

Trakti provides KYC and AML integration with trusted third party software to accelerate onboarding and reduce counter-party risk. Our end to end solution automate and simplify suppliers checking, tracking and auditing during the onboarding process. Our integration with trusted partners like W2, Spaziodati and Qii reduce your contract counter-party risk and effectively combat financial crime with compliance solutions.

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How to quickly activate client onboarding automation for your business

on February 1, 2021

When does your client get the first impression of your business? Let me answer for you: the real impression begins when the client has started to do business with you. In this crucial phase you must not fail or be caught unprepared.

Client onboarding automation is complex and must be performed in compliance with rules and regulations, maintaining control of processes, and protecting data and information.

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Blockchain and smart contract technologies success relies heavily on lawyers

on November 18, 2020

There is no doubt as to the vast benefits of using blockchain and smart contract technologies as a way to create a fair and transparent approach towards commercial contracting.

Being so nascent, blockchain presents a unique opportunity for lawyers to position themselves as trusted strategic advisors to clients. However, the question regarding the regulatory framework surrounding blockchain technology remains.

It is necessary for lawyers to get on with the times and become familiar with blockchain and smart contracts technologies and especially understand how it is impacting clients and how it may impact the legal profession as a whole.

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